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~Cowboy Ted 101~
4 R's for Kids and Families

Roping - Reading - Recreation - Resiliency

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Cowboy Ted & Friends provide content and resources to help kids and families find their HAPPY PLACE!

We show kids how to become self-reliant and resilient.

We also show kids how to find their voice to let the world know what they need and want in life!

-Cowboy Ted Hallisey


Our Featured Topics

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Cowboy Ted's
Get Outside - Get Active - Get Healthy
Find Your Happy Place

  • Unlimited access to Cowboy Ted resources and videos​

  • Unlimited access to Healthy tips for kids

  • Unlimited access to Cowboy Ted Art/Recreation Activity lessons

  • Unlimited access to classroom fitness videos

  • Unlimited access to Weekly Cowboy Ted 101 videos

  • Unlimited access to 12 online books in English and Spanish

  • Discounts on printed kids books and merchandise from our online store

  • Available to host LIVE events at your location with discounted rates

Stay Tuned!

Cowboy Ted & Friends are excited to share the features with our members on Cowboy Ted 101 and we will be adding more content soon - look for these 3 new features which will be arriving soon, included in your current membership:


Find Your Happy Place - Animated Series
Cowboy Ted & Friends will introduce kids to lots of fun examples of how to Find Your Happy Place with our FUN new animated series.


Cowboy Ted & Friends - Barnyard Buddies
Cowboy Ted & Friends will share lots of fun information about life on the farm with Billy the Bull and his Barnyard Buddies in our FUN new animated series.


Focus on Fun Fitness - physical fitness instructional video series
Cowboy Ted served as a PE teacher at colleges and elementary schools and will share some of his favorite activities during our easy-to-follow instructional video series.


Click the picture above to head over to for even more info!

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