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Cowboy Ted and Friends

Who We Are


Ted Hallisey

Founder and Director

"Cowboy" Ted Hallisey's passion is to educate children about healthy lifestyles using his experience as a Rodeo participant and his rural upbringing. He has visited with over 275,000 students to share his message, and his goal is to reach 1 million.


He is the founder of Cowboy Ted's Foundation for Kids and holds a Master of Education degree in Health, PE & Recreation. Ted has worked in radio, taught elementary school PE and served as a college instructor.


The long-time educator has written 12 books for kids and hosts video programs. He is a frequent presenter at school assemblies and health conferences across the United States. 

Allison Knudson


For nearly 10 years, Allison and Cowboy Ted have been co-hosting videos and audio programs together. 


Allison works in the banking industry and has a passion for hosting Suicide Prevention programs and helping kids become more resilient and wants kids to Find Their Happy Place. She also guides individuals and groups toward healing activities.


She has been involved with several Suicide Prevention programs and is currently writing a book to share ideas of healing and resiliency with others.

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